PolySpace Technologies History

1996-1998: Proof of concept

In 1996, After the crash of the Ariane 5 fligh 501, Alain Deutsch amongst other researchers from INRIA is in charge of understanding the bug.
He uses a prototype of static analyzer (IABC) of Ada source code based on abstract interpretation developed after his PhD and is the first to demonstrate the effectiveness of static analysis on industrial size applications as explained in ARIANE 5 - The Software Reliability Verification Process.
After this demonstration INRIA, CNES and Aerospatiale push toward the creation of PolySpace Technologies a company in charge of the industrialization of the prototype analyzer and its commercialization.

1999-2007: Continuous growth

PolySpace Technologies is created (page 4) in 1999 by Alain Deutsch and Daniel Pilaud. The company is located at INRIA Grenoble until it moves close by. PolySpace Technologies opened subsidiaries in Boston and London and later on in Germany and has grown continuously (2002, 2004, 2006 2006 (french)).

The R&D team is heads up by Alain Deutsch from the launch and Christèle Faure after 2005.

The PolySpace Verifier statically detects runtime errors and non-deterministic constructs in software source code. The PolySpace tool consists of a familly of four tools targeting different languages: Ada (1999), C (2000), Ada95 and C++ (2003). PolySpace MISRA:C checker is issued in 2005.

2005-2007: Partnership developments

In 2006, PolySpace Technologies cooperates with dSpace (TargetLink) and The MathWorks (Simulink).

2007: BuyOut

In 2007, PolySpace Technologies is acquired by The MathWorks.

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